Another one bites the dust – Teachers trainers group file for bankruptcy

A company that has received more than $1.1 million to train Kanawha County teachers over the past two years filed for bankruptcy last week.Officials with TeachFirst Inc. filed the documents last week in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Washington state. Several calls to the Seattle-based company went unanswered Wednesday.

In April 2007, Kanawha school board members voted 4-1 to enter a two-year contract with TeachFirst. Board member Pete Thaw, who has since argued about the program’s cost and benefit, voted against it.

Since then, the school system has paid more than $1.1 million to TeachFirst, according to Tim Easterday, the school system’s purchasing director. That’s about 25 percent of the company’s total income over the past two years, according to bankruptcy court filings.

TeachFirst was used at more sites in Kanawha County than in any other school district in the country, according to a list of unexpired contracts reported in court filings. The next-highest, a school district in Chula Vista, Calif., used TeachFirst at 38 buildings.


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